Later Life, Estate Planning and Trusts

Long-term Care and Care Fees Planning

Often, people only start to think about the practicality of long-term care when it is too late, and depending on your circumstances you may not qualify for financial support from the NHS or local authorities. We can help evaluate your situation; determining the support you may qualify for and establishing a structured plan to cope with care-fee costs.

Permanent care and support can be expensive, and it is important that funds are in place to meet those costs. Our advisers can assist in implementing a financial plan to ensure you are prepared for either yourself or a loved one requiring long-term care.

Unlike some other areas of financial advice, advice regarding care funding requires specific qualifications. Many of our advising staff hold both the CF8 and ER1 qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute and have undertaken “vulnerable client” training, so are able to advise on care fees planning.

Estate Planning and Trusts

It is similarly important to consider the impact that your death will have on those closest to you, although we understand it can be a difficult conversation to have.


First and foremost, estate planning involves ensuring a valid will is in place and reflects your current wishes. If you were to pass away without a will in place, you will die "intestate"; this can cause a number of issues for those who you would like to inherit your estate. We can recommend reputable solicitors that can help you draw up a will.

Estate planning is also about preserving your wealth; our advisers will look at strategies to protect your assets and mitigate potential liability to inheritance tax. This may involve having a protection policy in place, putting certain investments into a trust or simply ensuring your assets are as tax efficient as possible.