Pensions & Retirement Planning

It's never too early to start thinking about your pension and your post-retirement needs. 

We understand that pension rules are more complex than ever with new legislation on pension flexibility and a wider range of options available at retirement.

The need for personalised independent advice is crucial and our advisers have years of experience dealing with everything from simple personal pensions, stakeholder schemes and SIPPs/SSASs to final salary plans, public sector schemes and older policies with a range of complex benefits. 

It may be beneficial to consolidate or transfer your existing pension plans to reduce ongoing charges, improve performance or gain access to a wider range of funds. Using sophisticated financial planning tools, we can thoroughly assess your options and provide a recommendation supported by high levels of research.

The overall aim is to ensure that your pension will be able to achieve the benefits required to fund a comfortable retirement. It is important to plan ahead as your income needs will change over time, as demonstrated in the graph below:

Retirement Smile chart (edit).jpg

Releasing Tax-free cash

Making Pension Contributions

Arranging Income Drawdown

Nominating Beneficiaries

Lifetime Allowance

And many more

We can advise on matters such as...