Unexpected life events such as incapacity, redundancy, critical illness or premature death can have a dramatic effect on your family or your business; it is easy to dismiss insurance policies by falling into the mindset that “it will never happen to me”.

Unfortunately, in our experience these events do happen, and it is important to be financially prepared for any eventuality.

Some of the types of protection policy we can help you consider include:

Personal Life Cover   

Life Assurance pays out a lump-sum or income to your chosen survivor upon death and can be single or joint life (can choose to pay out on first or second death). Should the worst happen to you or your partner, you will be safe in the knowledge that your family will be financially secure if you have the appropriate protection in place.

Income Protection

Protects you against the loss of income due to accident, illness or unemployment. For most people, income is our most important asset and if this stream of income were to suddenly cease, this would lead to financial insecurity.

Business Protection

For company owners/directors, it may be beneficial to put in place a protection agreement which would prepare for a key shareholder of the company dying or becoming critically ill. Meanwhile, Relevant Life Cover can be offered by employers to (usually high earning) employees; paying out a tax-free lump sum on death.

Peace of mind

Protection policies can be relatively inexpensive and can give you the peace of mind that you or your business are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Level of cover required

Your Star House adviser will establish exactly the level of cover that you require by assessing your existing assets/income, any debts or liabilities and other insurable interests.

Finding the best quotes

The insurance market is saturated with hundreds of products from many insurance companies and we have access to comparison tools to navigate the market to find the most appropriate for your needs.

Working to a budget

We will always consider how much you are willing to spend on cover and how much you can afford. Comparing the best value products on the market does not necessarily mean recommending the cheapest monthly premiums, as every product offers different options and restrictions to consider.

Putting a policy in place

Although it is possible to apply for any insurance policy yourself, we are happy to take on the bulk of the administration work on your behalf. Applications for protection products can be complex and we like to make it as easy as possible for our clients. It should be noted that for certain policies, underwriting may be mandatory which can require you to provide medical details and possibly a reference from your GP.

Reviewing your needs

The benefit of using Star House to deal with your protection needs is that we can review your situation on an ongoing basis and evaluate your position in line with any changes to your lifestyle and/or financial circumstances.