Ongoing Advice

Personal and financial circumstances constantly change, as do regulations, legislation and levels of taxation imposed by the financial authorities. For this reason, unless a client has very specific needs we actively endorse our ongoing advice service which enables us to review and manage our client's assets on an ongoing basis in line with these changes.

Value for money of the Wealth Management Service

Often the total ongoing charge applying to an arrangement we have recommended for one of our clients (including the cost of advice) will be roughly half the amount levied by larger corporate firms as a result of our thorough investment methodology.


We invest a lot of time and research determining the best value on the market and recommending an approach that is in the best interest of the client. 

Star House do not apply additional charges for what we consider "routine maintenance"; such as recommending and implementing fund switches, using ISA allowances (by way of ‘Bed & ISA’), using capital gains tax allowances etc.

We do not believe in ‘tying in’ clients with minimum terms or early exit charges; we feel that we provide value for money with the work that we undertake.